#WOTD: Sartorial

Hello hey hi, fellas! How are you all?

Today we will be talking about a word!

The word is sartorial. Have you ever heard of it, fellas?

Sartorial means of or relating to tailoring, clothes, or style of dress. It is an adjective.

Sartorial comes from the Modern Latin word sartor which means “tailor”. The word was first used in the early 19th century.

In English, the word sartorial are used to refer to any matter pertaining to the consideration of clothing or fashion.

Example use:

They accused him of having poor sartorial taste.

Another example:

I’ve dressed up a bit in deference to Evan’s sartorial elegance.

That’s all I can share for today, fellas. I hope it could be useful for you :)

Compiled and written by @waitatiri at @EnglishTips4u on March 22, 2016.

Pic credit: cnn.com

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