#EngVocab: Fashion (2)

What’s up, fellas?

I know it’s sometimes hard to get over the weekend and go back to routines, and that’s why some people aren’t fond of Mondays.

I usually handle one of those days by choosing something with vibrant colour to wear. It can be my shocking pink wedges or my lipstick red cardigan. Unless I had such a good weekend I cannot move on from, they usually work.

Anyway, today’s #EngVocab is still related to items I mentioned before. Yeah, we’re going to discuss several words associated to fashion.

Snapback, also known as flat cap or flat peak, is a term for flat brim baseball cap (pic from jackustuffdotcom). #EngVocab



Shades is another term for sunglasses. #EngVocab

Cardigan is a knitted garment that has open front, can be with or without buttons. #EngVocab

Jumper is a top, often knitted, that’s put on by pulling it over our head. Also known as sweater. #EngVocab

Wife-beater or tank top or A-shirt or singlet is a sleeveless top often worn in sports (pic from Pinterest). #EngVocab



Fashion victim is somebody striving to follow the latest trend and ending up having no personal or signature style. #EngVocab

Wedges or wedge boots or wedgies are footwear with sole in a form of a wedge (pic from Pinterest). #EngVocab



Sweats (sweatpants or sweatshirt) are exercise clothing designed to raise body temperature, usually made of thick materials. #EngVocab

Hoodie is a sweatshirt with a hood. #EngVocab

Fashion police is a person or institution, supposedly an expert in fashion, who criticises other person’s outfit or style. #EngVocab


That’s all for today’s #EngVocab. Thank you for joining. Be sure to check our timeline every day or our website www.englishtips4u.com.

Have a good rest, fellas! See you tomorrow!!


Compiled by @alicesaraswati for @EnglishTips4U on Monday, 7 March, 2016.

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