#EngKnowledge: Haute Couture

Hi, fellas! How are you today?

Our session today will be on a French term that’s widely known in fashion industry: haute couture. Have you ever read or heard about it?

In English, the term is pronounced \ˌōt-ku̇-ˈtu̇r\. #EngKnowledge

In French, haute couture literally means high sewing. The term can refer to people or companies who create exclusive and custom-fitted clothing, as well as the clothing itself. #EngKnowledge

Haute couture first originated in France in the mid-nineteenth century. The term initially referred to the work of Charles Frederick Worth, an English fashion designer. Mr Worth’s Parisian boutique attracted European royalty, who then set a trend within the moneyed society. Mr Worth was also the first designer to use live models to promote his work. #EngKnowledge

In France today, the term haute couture is reserved for firms or brands that meet certain well-defined standards, although it is also use to describe high-fashion custom-fitted clothing in fashion capitals of the world (New York, Milan, London, etc.). #EngKnowledge

Now, what actually makes a piece of clothing defined as haute couture? #EngKnowledge

Clothing can be described as haute couture when it is constructed by hand from start to finish, uses high quality, expensive, often unusual fabric, and sewn with extra attention to details, often with hand-executed method. #EngKnowledge

Clients requesting haute couture receive a garment made specifically for them, with adjustment to the wearers’ measurement and stance. #EngKnowledge

Considering the time, effort, skills, and resources allotted to haute couture garment, it’s also known as having no price tag. #EngKnowledge


All right, fellas! That’s what I can share for today’s #EngKnowledge. Thank you for joining. If you have any comments, just tweet us! You can also visit our site, www.englishtips4u.com, to find other interesting English-related materials. Bye!


Compiled by @alicesaraswati for @EnglishTips4U on Monday, 21 March, 2016.


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