#EngQuiz: Fix the punctuation

Study each question and option carefully and pick one with correct punctuation.

1. He has a _____ son.
two, year old
two year-old
When the adjectival phrase (2-year-old) comes before the noun it modifies (son), it’s hyphenated.
2. He got three A’s last semester but his one downfall was Physics.
semester but, his
semester, but his
We use a comma before conjunction to connect two independent clauses.
semester, but, his
3. This is what you’ll need to buy a notebook, a box of diskettes, and some paper.
to buy;
to buy,
to buy:
We use a colon [:] before a list or an explanation that is preceded by a clause that can stand by itself.
4. “My Old Kentucky Home a tune by Stephen Foster, is Kentucky’s state song.
Home” a tune
Home”, a tune
Home,” a tune
Periods and commas go inside quotation marks. And we need a comma here to set apart a parenthetical element. (“A tune by Stephen Foster”)
5. My pin number has two 5s. It’s easy to remember.
We don’t need to use apostrophe [ ‘ ] in this sentence. Apostrophe is used to indicate possessive case, contractions, or omitted letters.

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5 thoughts on “#EngQuiz: Fix the punctuation”

  1. There is a mistake in the Explanation un number three and four. They are in the wrong place. They need to switch places

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