#EngTalk: What You Did on Valentine’s Day

Hi, fellas!! How are you today?

Yesterday, some of us celebrated Valentine’s Day. How did you do it, fellas? I did something a little bit unusual. As we had sunshine, I spent the day outside and then went home in the evening.

I’d like to hear how you celebrated the Valentine’s Day. Tweet us using the hashtag #EngTalk.

 ‏@mhdafff  15 Feb

@EnglishTips4U i don’t celebrate, it’s not my tradition :)


iif latifah karsono ‏@iif_93  15 Feb

@EnglishTips4U in my religion, there’s no Valentine Day. :)


Hananta ‏@Hananta_s  15 Feb

@EnglishTips4U #EngTalk



Demas ‏@TbhDemz  15 Feb

@englishtips4u #ValentineAdvice

Lucas Leiva @LucasLeiva87

If you are single watch a movie lol.


In Indonesia, I think flowers, chocolate, and teddy bears are still the most popular Valentine’s Day gifts. #EngTalk

How about you, fellas? How did you celebrate your Valentine’s Day? #EngTalk

Kamalia Juzi ‏@kamaliajuzi  15 Feb

@englishtips4u I would celebrate Valentine’s day if only shoes were the mandatory gift :)))


Amelia Purwandini ‏@purwamel  15 Feb

@EnglishTips4U Though I have boyfriend, I didn’t celebrate it :)


Nindya ‏@nindyak  15 Feb

@EnglishTips4U watched Kunto Aji’s live performance with another single people :)) #EngTalk


Md Ayu Dwi Octavanny ‏@okta_  15 Feb

@EnglishTips4U had dinner with lot of friends so we got the 20% discount  #thrifty


Surely, the display of affection does not need to be shown only on Valentine’s Day. Here’s how to make every day a Valentine’s Day. #EngTalk

  1. Look at the person’s eyes when s/he talks and listen. Seriously, put the smartphone down for a moment, and try not to interrupt until the person is finished. It’s a small life hack that can bring huge impact to the quality of our interaction. #EngTalk
  2. Compliments never go out of style. Tell the person s/he looks nice, the face looks radiant, the haircut is so fresh, the outfit is so trendy, and so on. You’ll never know how much it does to make somebody’s day! #EngTalk
  3. Holding hands while in public. It simply shows how much we value the other person’s presence by our side. #EngTalk
  4. Hug or kiss. Of course it’d be perfect for someone closely related to you: mom, dad, siblings, bestie, or your boy/girlfriend. #EngTalk
  5. Offer helps. It’s really helpful if mom comes home after a long day at work and finds the dishes are done or the house is clean or when dad is checking his car and finds the gas tank is filled. Little things count :) #EngTalk
  6. Make time. Try calling an old friend you haven’t talked to in a while, or better still, pay a visit! #EngTalk


J ‏@iSwaggyBiebs  15 Feb

my mom is right next to me right now, I’m gonna kiss her


All right, fellas! It’s a wrap for today’s #EngTalk! May the spirit of Valentine’s Day, no matter how we celebrate it, fill our days with compassion and respect. Thank you for joining today’s session!

Visit our website, http://www.englishtips4u.com  for other English-related materials. Have a good rest, fellas! Bye!!


Compiled by @alicesaraswati for @EnglishTips4U on Monday, 15 February, 2016.


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