#EngVocab: Words to Say Boring.

Today I’d like to share some words you can use to describe your boredom. Stay tuned, fellas!

1. ENNUI: lack of interest or boredom.

You can use the word when you’re so bored and have nothing to do.

The endless lecture produced an unbearable ennui.

2. PROSAIC: commonplace or dull; unimaginative.

It’s an adjective form of the word prose– as in not poetry. You can use the word to describe something flat and boring.

My life has been so prosaic since you’re gone.

3. INSIPID: dull; bland or flavorless. It’s usually used to describe bland cuisine or something unexciting/ uninteresting.

Their talk is as insipid as the soup this restaurant served.

4. PLATITUDINOUS: characterised by cliches or platitudes.

It refers to a trite use of language. It’s used to describe something overly rhetoric and cliches that make it boring.

I’m tired of his platitudinous love-letter.



Compiled and written by @AnienditaR at @EnglishTips4u on February 27, 2016



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