#EngTrivia: Chinese New Year

Hi, fellas! Happy Chinese New Year! May blessings and prosperity be with you always!


I hope you had a wonderful Chinese New Year holiday. Did you get any hongbaos? The topic of this article will be on fun facts about the Chinese New Year. Are you ready?

  1. The 2567th Chinese Year, celebrated today, is the year of monkey, the 9th sign of 12-year cycle.
  2. The colour red is often seen during the celebration as it is considered auspicious and related to prosperity.
  3. Not less than 1/5 of the world population celebrate the Chinese New Year, and it is a public holiday in many Asian countries.
  4. In Indonesia Chinese New Year was not celebrated as a public holiday until 2003.
  5. The Chinese Year 2567 will last until 27 January 2017.
  6. People born in the year of monkey share the sign with Leonardo Da Vinci, Charles Dickens, Julius Caesar, and Daniel Craig.

Alright,  that’s what I can share for the time being.  You can check our website and find other interesting topics from past sessions. Don’t forget to drop your comments if you have any feedback!


Compiled and written by @alicesaraswati for @EnglishTips4U on Monday, February 8, 2016

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