#EngTips: Translation

Is there any of you who, in your new year’s resolutions, wants to be better financially? If you’re thinking about translating to get that extra money, this post might come in handy. In this occassion, we will talk about translation and how to make money from it.

  1. One of my professors once said, “You don’t need good English to be able to translate. You need perfect English.” What’s the meaning of the statement?

Google Translate can give you good English, but not good translation. A good translation can deliver almost all of the messages conveyed in the source text. That’s why you need perfect English.

2 Start from the bottom.

You cannot expect to be able to translate a book from a publishing company as your first project. You have to start from small projects. For example, you can try to help your friends translate their study materials.

3 Be patient.

Don’t think about the money, think about the experience. Small projects mean small money or even no money at all, however the experience you gain is priceless.

4 Join a translation agency.

The are a number of translation agency websites if you search on internet. You can even find a translation in a freelancers’ website, but I recommend you to join translatorcafe(dot)com.

5 Last but not least: Be confident and start now!


Compiled and written by @iismail21 for @EnglishTips4U on Sunday, 3 January, 2016


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3 thoughts on “#EngTips: Translation”

  1. Another important tip will be never stop learning and improving.
    All the other five tips are totally valid, yes, they are relevant and true.
    By the way, the third tip should say “be patient”, right?
    Thanks for the valuable info :D.

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