#EngVocab: Words to Describe Delicious Food

Hi, fellas! How was your Christmas break?

I hope you were able to enjoy it with your family and loved ones. This year’s festive season is such a good time to catch up with the others. Chatting, laughing together, relaxing, and most specifically, eating lots and lots of delicious food.

Talking about delicious food, there are other words we can use to say that something is delicious. #EngVocab

We’ll start with appetizing, which means having a good smell or appearance that makes people want to eat. #EngVocab

Delectable, meaning highly pleasing. This adjective can also be used to describe someone or something who’s very attractive. #EngVocab

And then we have ‘delicate’, which is pleasing in a mild or subtle way. Something described with the word ‘delicate’ usually requires keen sensitivity. E.g.: the taste of a wine. #EngVocab

‘Luscious’ is our next word, meaning having a very appealing taste or smell. #EngVocab

‘Mouthwatering’ has a similar meaning to appetizing, which is arousing the appetite or making someone want to eat. #EngVocab

If you want to say that a food has agreeable taste, you can use the word ‘palatable’. #EngVocab

If something is delicious in a slightly spicy or salty way, usually food with effective seasoning, you can say that it’s ‘savory’. #EngVocab

‘Scrumptious’ or ‘scrummy’ can be used for food whose taste you know is going to be so good your mouth will water when seeing it. #EngVocab

‘Succulent’ is used to describe food that is easy to eat, juicy, moist, and tender. #EngVocab

‘Tasteful’ or ‘tasty’ means having a good flavor. #EngVocab

Having similar meaning to succulent, ‘toothsome’ can be used for something that’s tender. E.g.: Toothsome desserts. #EngVocab

The last but not least, we have ‘yummy’, a word produced as our knee-jerk reaction after having the first taste or bite. #EngVocab

That’s it for today, fellas! Question, suggestion, or comment, please tweet us or drop it in our site http://www.englishtips4u.com 

See you tomorrow, fellas! Happy holiday!!


Compiled by @alicesaraswati for @EnglishTips4U on Monday, 28 December, 2015.

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