#EngTips: Taking a Flight for Your Holiday

Hi, fellas!! How was your Monday?

It’s that time when exam is over, result is out, work is getting less stressful, and there’s only one word in everyone’s mind: holiday!!

I hope you’re as excited for the upcoming festive season as I am! Tell me, have you had any plans for the holiday?

Today’s #EngTips could be useful if any of you plans to take a flight for your holiday.

The first thing you need to do is to fix the date when you will be flying. For those who are working, ensure your leave request is approved. If you’re still at school, just make sure there is no more class to attend. #EngTips

Check the available flight and schedule using online booking engines. If there is more than a flight in a day, try choosing the one that’s not too late. It will be inconvenient if you arrive late at night with no public transportation in sight. #EngTips

If you book a hotel, standard check-in time in a hotel is at 14:00 local time. So, unless you’re planning to have a morning excursion before checking in, arriving at the hotel slightly before or after 14:00 is recommended. It’ll be nice if your flight can follow this timetable. #EngTips

When purchasing your ticket, make sure that the passenger’s name you register matches the name on your identity card. #EngTips

It usually requires multiple checking on your flight ticket, boarding pass, or ID card before you board the flight. #EngTips

Valid ID card or passport and visa (if travelling overseas) are items you should put extra attention to before your flight. #EngTips

When purchasing your ticket, check also the limitation of baggage that is allowed and what else is included in your ticket. #EngTips

Airport tax or passenger service charge, the tax you pay in the airport, is already included in the airfare of Indonesian airlines. #EngTips

Meal onboard is another story, depending on the airline. You can always consider purchasing meal, especially in a lengthy flight. #EngTips

On the day of your flight, it’s always a good thing to take healthy portion of meals. #EngTips\

Check your bags and suitcases; if any of them isn’t closing properly, the luggage wrapping service in the airport is a good option. The price for this service for one item is IDR 50,000 as per December 2015. #EngTips

Try arriving at the airport 2 hours before departure time for an international flight and 1 hour for domestic flight. The reason is to avoid missing your flight because of the long queue in approximately 3 levels of security checking. #EngTips

Dress in comfortable clothes and always prepare a bomber or jacket, because the AC temperature onboard can be uncomfortable. Be informed that any metal on your clothing (belt, wristwatch, wallet, etc.) needs to be taken off during the scanning. #EngTips

Once you pass the security details, you can go ahead to the waiting room. The boarding to a flight is normally an hour prior to departure for an international flight and 30 mins for a domestic one, so be sure to stay around the assigned gate. #EngTips

In the case that your flight is delayed, stay calm. Contact the airline via the staffs in charge and ask how long it will take. #EngTips

FYI, if you are flying with an Indonesian-based airline, here’s what you can request to compensate for your delayed flight. #EngTips

According to Permenhub 25/2008 and Permenhub 77/2011, you’re entitled to refreshment in a delay of 30 to 90 minutes. #EngTips

If it takes 90 to 180 minutes, you are to get complimentary lunch/dinner and you can request changing of flight to next schedule. #EngTips

If it takes more than 180 minutes and there’s no other flight until the next day, you’re entitled to the items mentioned in the previous tweet plus complimentary accommodation. #EngTips

If the delay happens for more than 4 hours, the airline is obliged to provide all items in the previous tweet as well as a refund of maximum IDR 300,000. #EngTips

When onboard, be sure to turn off any electrical devices or switch them to flight mode and use your safety belt unless it’s safe to unfasten it. #EngTips

Take your place on the assigned seat, store your baggage safely in a counter over your head, and move necessarily. #EngTips

That’s all I can share for today’s session of #EngTips!! Hopefully it can come in handy the next time you board a flight!

Check our site, www.englishtips4u.com for a recap of this session later and many other interesting topics.

All right, fellas, it’s a wrap! Thank you for joining today’s #EngTips! See ya!


Compiled by @alicesaraswati for @EnglishTips4U on Monday, 21 December, 2015

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