#EngTrivia: Phrases that People Get Wrong

There are some words and phrases that some people get wrong frequently. That’s our topic for tonight!

  1. I couldn’t care less NOT I could care less.
    If you could care less, there’s a chance that you could care, making the phrase less meaningful. If you couldn’t care less, you’re making a big statement that you do not and will not care.

  2. Don’t take it for granted NOT Don’t take it for granite.
    Granite is a very hard, granular, crystalline, igneous rock consisting mainly of quartz, mica, and feldspar and often used as a building stone. I wouldn’t take much for “granite.”

  3. Moot point NOT Mute point.
    Moot means subject to discussion; arguable, debatable, unsolved or impossible to solve while mute is not having the power of speech.

  4. By accident NOT On accident.
    Prepositions are difficult, but by is the correct usage.

  5. Memento NOT Momento.
    A memento is an object kept as a reminder or souvenir of a person or event. Momentois from the Spanish language meaning moment.

  6. Brothers-in-law NOT Brother-in-laws.
    You’re not pluralizing law, you’re speaking of more than one brother, sister, mother, or father.

  7. First come first served NOT First come first serve.
    Why would you want to be the first one there if you have to serve everyone else?

  8. Sneak peek NOT Sneak peak.
    You’re sneaking a peek at someone with your eyes, not sneaking up the pointed top of a mountain.

  9. Peace of mind NOT Piece of mind.
    You don’t want anyone to give you an actual piece of their mind. That’s gross. You could argue that figuratively speaking, you could give someone a piece of your mind by sharing your thoughts, but all too often the usage of either version above (peace orpiece) is meant to convey putting ones mind at ease. Piece of mind in that case would not apply.

  10. Without further ado NOT Without further adieu.
    Ado suggests an interruption. Adieu is French for good-bye.

Source: this article

Compiled by: @FaridArdian for @englishtips4u on Dec, 9th 2015.

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