#EngTalk: Spilling the Beans on Social Medias

Hi, fellas! How was your Sunday? Today was fun for me, even if I mostly stayed at home. But, apparently, it wasn’t the case for some of my friends.

As a SNS (social networking sites/social medias) addict, I usually spend a free day like this by scrolling through my timeline. Although most of us have been SNS users for quite a while already, I still find some people sharing their private matters to public.

For example, complaining about a senior at work who isn’t being helpful with one’s job, or subtweeting (quipping) about a friend who one was recently in an argument with. Not mentioning who the person is, of course.

Doing it once or twice might still be tolerable. After all, ‘my page, my rules. Whatever I post is entirely my business.’ But, some might have been abusing the lines to the point they became annoying. Do you have similar experience, fellas?

That’s going to be our topic for today’s #EngTalk. Do you think it is right to spill everything on social medias?

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sarah ‏@dramasranter 

That’s why it’s important to firstly, check out the account you want to follow :D I always do so. Heheh

Yemima Amanda ‏@jemzamanda 

Oops. Me? Sometimes yes, but I’m trying to stop it

Sentta S Ariesta  ‏@nthatia 

Don’t we have anything worth our attention than that?

Fauzi Soemantri ‏@Kido26 

I used to tweet, or share something on facebook, almost everything. Shared what I thought or what I feel. But now I want to stop share useless tweet. Just like you said, just scrolling the timeline to find something interesting and funny.

Yohanna Deony ‏@deonydeon 

They just wanna get special attention. Want somebody ask: what happened? And most of them answered: nothing/it’s ok. Hahaha

Novi Syafriani ‏@novisyafrianii 

Yaps, of course, it always bother me if someone who use their media for persuasive someone to negative thinking :(

Ariezki Firmansyah ‏@ach_ariezki 

I’m always sharing some private problems on twitter, in a cool way. I make it into poems or philosophical quotations. Lol

Dewi Kartini ‏@dewikartiny 

I think so. Sometimes,If someone tweeted,coz they need a attention to someone who their like. Actually,to show their feeling.

Beti Puspa H. ‏@betipuspah 

Depends. If you do it every minute or hour, I think it’s gonna disturb the others. #EngTalk

Ariezki Firmansyah ‏@ach_ariezki 

How to share private problems without harassing your followers? BE CREATIVE, BE POETIC, BE LIKE A SCREENWRITER.


One of my friends used to be brokenhearted over a guy she’d fallen for. Too bad, the guy had already had somebody else. She went to social medias to vent out her frustration. The first few weeks, we thought that she was devastated that we let her be. At the same time, we also tried to console her, trying to involve her in all of our activities and always listening to her. However, things went serious when she started posting no one cared about her. Errrr….

When it kept going on, me and the other friends decided that it was not our attention that she needed. #EngTalk


Yohanna Deony ‏@deonydeon 

Tweeted about love, romantics & happy things each other. One month later, they tweet about hate, sarcasm &madness each others

Yohanna Deony ‏@deonydeon 

One hundred suggestion from me. but she keep asking: SO, HOW/WHAT SHOULD I DO? blablabla. In the end,all i can say is: AU AH!

English teacher ‏@safeerah99 

One can feel free sharing feelings or issues going through but not private infos I think that would be dangerous


With all these hi-tech devices, in my personal opinion, I still don’t think we can put everything into social medias. Nothing can replace face-to-face interaction. Not to mention our post can be easily misinterpreted, which will make matter worse. Unless you’re prepared for endless debates and to take responsibilities with your post, better keep it private. #EngTalk

What if people around us keep doing it? Here are some tips.

  1. Talk to them. Explain why it is unnecessary. #EngTalk
  2. When talk didn’t work, show them how. You know, action speaks louder than words. If we’re lucky, they might take the lead. #EngTalk
  3. Ignore. This is only applicable when the first two steps didn’t help. #EngTalk
  4. You guessed it: unshare, unfriend, unfollow, mute, block, etc. Of course, it doesn’t have to affect our relationship in real life. #EngTalk

We also have the right to screen whatever’s coming into our timeline. #EngTalk


Wesli S ‏@Wesli_S 

Agreed… but it’s better if you tell a joke every day in your timeline so your followers won’t get annoyed… :D


Oh-kay, that was it, fellas! Thank you for joining today’s #EngTalk! Thank you for sharing your thoughts as well :)) Have a question? Tweet us or drop your comment in our site http://www.englishtips4u.com .


Compiled by @alicesaraswati for @EnglishTips4U on Sunday, 29 November, 2015.

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