#EngTalk: Turkish TV Series

Hi, fellas! What’s up? Hopefully you are home now and enjoying quality time with your loved ones.

Since Monday is usually tiring, let’s just do something stress-free today. Are you familiar with these people?

Credit to Wikipedia

Credit to Wikipedia

noe ‏@noedluffy 

@englishtips4u all i know that they are turkish,, but sorry i dont like the drama

They are from Turkish TV series Binbir Gece, or more commonly known in Indonesia as Shehrazat. I heard the series is pretty popular, along with other titles such as Elif, Cinta di Musim Cherry, or Abad Kejayaan.

And that, fellas, is going to be our topic for today’s #EngTalk. Are you one of the audiences that enjoy watching Turkish TV Series? What is your favourite one? Or are you one of the people who do not pay much attention? Please feel free to tweet us with the hash tag #EngTalk.

Aning ‏@aningPA 

@EnglishTips4U yeah I love Turkish drama, that was Kiraz Mevsimi (Cinta di Musim Cherry)

らい ‏@rainandaindah 

@EnglishTips4U Because my little brother very like Elif. So I also watched it.

Anggie ‏@AwesomeChaser 

@EnglishTips4U Not my cup of tea.

Luh Putri Adnyani ‏@luhputria 

Yes,of course. One of them is elif

salman ‏@dSalman1604 

@englishtips4u I like British and American sitcoms,not Turkish

I K A™ ‏@_ikaa_ 

Elif season 2

Hana ‏@1dhhana 

@EnglishTips4U I don’t watch any Turkish dramas

W I N D Y ‏@windyevelyn1 

@EnglishTips4U sometimes I watch it

Putri Soharinal ‏@putsoharinal 

I love watching Turkish series. I watch Elif, Cansu Hazal and Shehrazat

Chasandra Faradila ‏@sandrauw 

@EnglishTips4U nope, but sometimes I’m curious with cinta musim cherry

catty chi ‏@cattychi 

@EnglishTips4U I dont like turkish dramas, it’s almost like indonesia sinetron. I like dorama more, many moral values I can find from it

Auliā F. Said ‏@auliafsaid 

@EnglishTips4U yeah my favorite is Kara Para Aşk in Indonesia is titled as “Cinta Elif” & its not related to that little girl Elif #EngTalk

arie_saja ‏@arietrianto 

@EnglishTips4U never watched it

Hanif A. Rahmatika ‏@hanif_tika 

@EnglishTips4U sometimes I watch Cansu Hazal but I watch some american tv series every week. Hmm.

Livia ‏@jliv_ 

@EnglishTips4U I don’t pay attention to these TV series. Like Korean, Indian, not even Turkish #EngTalk

Annie B.P.H. ‏@betipuspah 

@EnglishTips4U No, I just like dorama, American drama and British drama. #EngTalk

himanshu sajwan ‏@bulu_bab 

@englishtips4u im an indian,i must say indian dramas r the worst,we had great in 80s,90s..i watch turkish one,its ok

noe ‏@noedluffy 

@englishtips4u yeah my mom too,, those Turkish drama seem to be mom’s favorite

Putri Soharinal ‏@putsoharinal 

@EnglishTips4U I love watching Turkish series because the casts are beautiful and handsome lol

If I may put it, Indonesia has a huge, potential market. Back when I was at young age, I’d watch Mexican series or what commonly known as telenovela. I remember my working mom would ask me to give her a summary of telenovela episodes she missed. #EngTalk

Anggie ‏@AwesomeChaser 

@EnglishTips4U THAT’S my cup of tea! Long before telenovela, Chinese/Hongkong drama series were a hit! #90kid remembers~

Gita Nurul Azmi ‏@gitanrl 

When i was kid, i used to watch amigos, carita de angel, maria bellene.

Aning ‏@aningPA 

@EnglishTips4U when I was a little kid, Amigos and Carita de Angel are very popular telenovelas. Aah.. I miss that series :’)

Demas ‏@hoshizorx_ 

@englishtips4u Amigos, Dulce Maria. Couldn’t even get near to the tele for Nickelodeon as sisters and cousins dominated it lel

Time flew, and soon I found myself among those teenagers who were obsessed with Taiwanese (F4, anyone?) and Korean series. #EngTalk

Marley Hand Dhydo ‏@MHDhydo 

@EnglishTips4U bcs of school, I seldom watch tv for refseshing and I sleep less and tired all the time. So long time but still not clever

Nuramaliyah Chasanah ‏@nuramaliyahch 

Me! Boys Over Flowers, F4 korea ver.

Asep Koerniansyah ‏@gossyen_ 

@EnglishTips4U I think the best indonesian tvseries was in the middle of era 90 and the beginning of 2000. Recently I watch dorama #EngTalk

And then, there were Supernatural and Heroes and Gossip Girl which I couldn’t miss. #EngTalk

anita ‏@maduratnaa 

@EnglishTips4U those tv series were my life when i was in high school XD

Livia ‏@jliv_ 

@EnglishTips4U OWWW YEAH!! Those are my favs!

Hanif A. Rahmatika ‏@hanif_tika 

@EnglishTips4U howaaa SPN is my favorite tv series! From season 1 till now season 11, winchester boys are awesome as hell

Jæy ‏@zaemazing 

@EnglishTips4U dont forget Friends

Livia ‏@jliv_ 

@EnglishTips4U and then I also watched NCIS, Agents of SHIELD, CSI, Grey’s anatomy

Just recently, Indonesian TV channels were flooded by Indian series (Mahabharata, Hatim, Mahadewa, Jodha Akbar, etc.). #EngTalk

@EnglishTips4U it’s really boring for me :(

With so many titles and genres, foreign TV series manage to find dedicated fans in Indonesia. Now, what do you think of our very own TV series? #EngTalk

요가 팔와구나‏@ypalwaguna
@EnglishTips4U our tv series are sucks.

Marley Hand Dhydo ‏@MHDhydo 

@EnglishTips4U nothing moral letters
@EnglishTips4U ours are unoriginal, and i cant even describe it. But lookin forward to watch Halfworld on HBO Asia, directed by Joko Anwar

@EnglishTips4U not a chance to watch them. Sorry. But they’re… Awful

Fahmi Anhar ‏@fahmianhar 

@EnglishTips4U not apple 2 apple to compare our tv series w/ foreign. totally different. i still can’t move on from F.R.I.E.N.D.S

Gita Nurul Azmi ‏@gitanrl 

Sorry but i think our tv series are so messed up, i’ve never seen them all.

Nindya ‏@nindyak 

@EnglishTips4U sometimes I watch ‘Perempuan di Pinggir Jalan’ and it is worth to watch. good plot and good actor :3

Now, let’s close today’s #EngTalk with a poll. If you had only one choice, which one would you prefer? Turkish or Indonesian TV series?

That’s all for today! Thank you for having joined this discussion! If you miss any of our sessions, you can check www.englishtips4u.com. Good night, fellas, and have a good rest! Stay excellent!

Compiled by @alicesaraswati for @EnglishTips4U on Monday, 16 November, 2015.

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