#EngVocab: Other Meanings of ‘Fashion’ that You Should Know


Hi guys, how are you doing? How did you find your Thursday? Exciting like I did? Our agenda today is to discuss the word ‘fashion.’ Now, before we had a discussion on the word, I would like to ask a question, what comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘fashion’?

Retweeted from @itslilkitty: “Shoes.”

Retweeted from @hanieshoney: “Life style.”

Retweeted from @LaBelle_Sari” “Paris.”

Great! From your answers I know that many of you think that ‘fashion’ elicits the idea of “fabrics, clothes, tops, and pants.” They are all correct. Well done! Now you may give your shoulder a tap cz you are gonna find out other meanings of ‘fashion,’ other than

(1) “a cutting-edge style of clothing” as what you have told.

Another meaning of ‘fashion’ is..

(2) “a manner of doing something.”

So, you could use the word ‘fashion’ instead of ‘way,’ ‘method,’ or ‘mode.’ In other words, they are synonymous. Therefore, in the sentence..

“I would like to have an end (of our love story) in a good way.” you could also say “I would like to have an end in a good fashion.” 

Another example is this sentence..

“The work is done in a rather casual way,” which you can substitute into “The work is done in a rather casual fashion.”

Now we go on to the next meaning of ‘fashion.’ The third meaning of ‘fashion’ is..

(3) “make something into a particular form.”

E.g. “These used leathers are gonna be fashioned into bags.” In Indonesian, it means ‘mengubah’ or ‘diubah.’

E.g. “I fashioned these pieces of broken glasses into mosaic.”

Another definition of the word ‘fashion’ is..

(4) “to make something from something.”

E.g. “He fashioned this hat out of/from/of the used newspaper.” In Indonesian, it means ‘membuat’ or ‘dibuat.’

E.g. “These sets of cutleries were fashioned from/out of/of gold and silver.”

Note that it does not matter “fashioned from” or “fashioned out of” or “fashioned of.” They are just the same.

Another interesting meaning of ‘fashion’ is..

(5) “in a manner that is barely adequate.”

Yet, you have to use the complete phrase, “after a fashion.” See these examples.

E.g. “I can cook after a fashion.” It means “I can cook, but I am not too good at it.” Another example is..

E.g. “He loves me after a fashion,” which means “He loves me, yet it’s not as big as I thought, almost not actually.”

You can also use ‘fashion’ to mean..

(6) out of date (jadul) by saying ‘out of fashion.”

E.g. “Gee, I can’t stand looking at those boots. They are out of fashion, girls!”

Those are some meanings of ‘fashion’ that I successfully compiled from various sources.

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Compiled and written by @wisznu at @EnglishTips4u on November 12, 2015

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