#EngTips: Voicing Out Opinion

Hi, fellas! How was your weekend?

I hope you had an amazing one. We met again today and we’re going to discuss how to voice opinion comfortably. #EngTips

In occasions such as a group discussion or a meeting, we are often required to give our opinion. #EngTips

However, some of us might not be as comfortable as other people in speaking up our mind. It can be that we’re anxious as to how people will react. #EngTips

Some people are also naturally shy and quiet that let alone speaking in an open discussion, they rarely start conversation. #EngTips

For those of you feeling the same way, just remember that everyone has a story to share. Your voice deserves to be heard. Nobody can speak your words but you. #EngTips

To speak comfortably, there are some exercises that you can try. #EngTips

  1. Speak often to people you trust. Try telling them about your days, something funny you heard at school, etc. It helps also if you let them know that you’re developing your speech, and their encouragement is appreciated. #EngTips
  1. Work out, and while at it, sing your favourite song aloud. It can be a small walk in the morning or a special session at the gym. Working out also releases ‘happy hormones’, such as endorphins, that can boost your mood. #EngTips
  1. Practice in front of a mirror. Try delivering a speech, maintaining eye contact, and improving your intonation while standing in front of a mirror. #EngTips
  2. When it comes to an actual public discussion, take ± 15 minutes before the show to learn and comprehend the topic that will be discussed. #EngTips
  3. If possible, write down your ideas before delivering them to help you stick to your point. #EngTips
  4. Try to give a remark within 10 minutes after the discussion started, be it agreeing to someone’s idea or adding some information. This will help you get familiar with the environment and generate more confidence. #EngTips
  1. When it’s your turn to speak, stay calm. Take a deep breath, and then speak slow and clearly. #EngTips
  2. Instead of imperative, use ‘In my opinion, we should…’ or ‘I think it will be better if…’ #EngTips
  3. It can be that your idea, suggestion, or recommendation isn’t accepted by the forum. Don’t be discouraged. You can always try again. Your contribution, however small, helps the group to be more creative in finding solution, so don’t be afraid to speak your point of view. #EngTips

All right, that’s what I can share today, fellas! Hopefully it can help you when you’re in a meeting or discussion.

By the way, I’d also like to share our new feature! Now you can check what topic will be on our timeline for the next seven days. For example, tomorrow we’re going to have a #EngQAs session, in which you can tweet us your question about grammar, and we’ll talk it over.

And now, it’s time for me to say bye. Check the recap of this session or any other session at our site www.englishtips4u.com. Good night, fellas, and see you!

Compiled by @alicesaraswati for @EnglishTips4U on Sunday, 8 November, 2015

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