#UKSlang: UK SLANG (9)

Good evening, fellas! How has your Saturday been? I hope it’s been fun. I spent mine in campus, it was fun yet leave my cream crackered right now.  :D

In tonight session, I’d like to share some #UKSlang. Are you guys interested? Stay tuned, fellas! :D

  1. ABSOBLOODYLOOTELY. Meaning: to agree with someone highly in a rather enthusiastic fashion.

“Are you going to do?” “Absobloodylootely!”

  1. BOB’S YOUR UNCLE. Meaning: there you have it!; everything is alright.

You just have to take the first left, and Bob’s your uncle –There’s the restaurant!

  1. CREAM CRACKERED. Meaning: to be really tired and exhausted.

Sorry, I can’t come to your party. I’m cream crackered.

  1. CHOCK-A-BLOCK. Meaning: closely packed together; extremely full; crowded;

books piled chock-a-block on the narrow shelf.

  1. TICKETY-BOO. Meaning: as it should be; going smoothly; fine.

You don’t have to worry, everything is Tickety-boo.

  1. TWEE. Meaning: overly dainty, delicate, cute, or quaint.

Her bunny-themed tea set is so utterly twee.

  1. QUEER STREET. Meaning: a difficult situation, such as debt or bankruptcy

Stop buying unnecessary things, that’ll land you in Queer Street!

It’s a wrap for tonight. Thank you for joining me in this session. I hope it has been useful for you and…. Have a great weekend, fellas! :)

Compiled and written by @AnienditaR at @EnglishTips4U on November 7 , 2015


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