#EngTalk: Smartphone Etiquette

Evening, fellas!! Did you have a good start of the month?

Has any of you ever wondered of how smartphone has changed our way of living?


@EnglishTips4U even when you don’t have a call you hold your phone

WIDYA ‏@pohpho 

@EnglishTips4U why we enjoy read chat conversation on the phone than books #EngTalk

Widie Andriyani ‏@widieandriyani 

Smartphone changes my habit to read a book to read online pages


@EnglishTips4U we use phones when we want to make a call or check mail,facebook,twitter,but not for a log time..health is important

Rarely do we see people without smartphones these days. Even a 2-year old knows how to use it, at least to play games.

Taking pictures, listening to the music, playing games, working, all can be done with one device. Pretty amazing, isn’t it?

Although smartphones have infiltrated almost all aspects of our lives, still, in my opinion, there are times when we should refrain using it.

And that, fellas, is going to be our topic for today’s #EngTalk. When do you think we should just keep the phone in our pockets?

Please feel free to tweet and mention us using #EngTalk and we’ll discuss.

Indeed. Or if I may put it: when we are having actual interaction with people in real life

Ayu Abriya Fianisya @nagisanoir

@EnglishTips4U when spending our time with our family (parents, spouse and children)

Talking about interaction with people in real life, I once went to karaoke place with my friends. While we were singing our hearts out, there was a friend of mine who stayed in the corner and played with his phone all the time. He refused to sing or dance and he had us wondering what was so important in his phone. Perhaps you had similar experience? #EngTalk

Using smartphones while watching a concert (to take pictures or record videos) was also frowned upon. #EngTalk

However, it becomes more and more common that nowadays, people don’t make much fuss about it. #EngTalk

Risa ‏@thisisrisaf 

@EnglishTips4U when we’re in the class obviously, just stop ignoring your teacher & put back your phone bcs it hurts so much to be ignored

There are also times when you’re in a meeting and then a phone rings and the owner picks it up without any sense of guilt #EngTalk

Another bad timing to play with your phone is in a funeral. With the sadness, mourning, and solemnity, we can consider putting away our phones for a while. #EngTalk

At the end, we still need smartphones and we might still depend on it a lot, but it would be wiser not to put it as priority when there are people around us deserving more attention. #EngTalk

That’s all for today’s #EngTalk, fellas! Thank you very much for sharing. Remember to always check our timeline for other interesting topics.

duyen moon ‏@duyen0626 

@EnglishTips4U tks for this topic for today, I always talked to my friends about this problem.

If you miss any session, worry not, you can check it at our site www.englishtips4u.com. Good night, fellas, and have a good rest!! See you!!

Compiled by @alicesaraswati for @EnglishTips4U on Monday, 2 November, 2015.

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