#EngKnowledge: The Diamond Jubilee State Coach

Hi, fellas! How’s your Thursday? Do you follow the recent international news about the state visit of the president of China to the United Kingdom? Yes, it happened last week for four days (October 2015). His Excellency Xi Jinping was welcomed by Her Majesty with a very special carriage. Today we are gonna discuss some interesting facts about one of the special coaches of the British monarch. This time, we are gonna discuss the coach that the queen used to welcome His Excellency Xi Jinping. This is the guy that we are gonna discuss. Cool eh?

This coach was first time used by Her Majesty in June 2014 for State Opening Parliament although it was actually completed in 2010. The coach was bestowed by the Australian government for the diamond jubilee of Her Majesty. It was immaculately crafted in Australia by an Australian coachbuilder, W.J. Frecklington, who once also handled the Australian State Coach in 1988.

It is a moving museum encapsulating the history and heritage of the greatness of the United Kingdom. It is constructed thoughtfully, with abundant glorious value of the British greatness that is shown in the ornaments of the coach. The materials are incorporated from Britain’s historical places, ships, and artefacts that closely related to more than 30 kings and queens of England, Scotland, and Ireland. The coach is well-equipped with modern technology to ensure the comfort to the passengers. Some modern technology attached to the couch are hydraulic stabilisers, electric window, and heating.

THE CROWN atop the roof was taken from HMS Victory, which had accompanied British troops in various heroic battles.

image2A small camera is installed in the crown, which is surrounded by four lions inspired from those in the gate of the Buckingham Palace. The decoration around the gallery features all iconic symbols of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

THE LAMPS are located at the four corners of the coach. They are made of the chrystal of Edinburgh.

THE DOOR HANDLES are made in New Zealand. They are covered in gold with 130 Australian sapphires and 30 diamonds inlaid on it. #EngKnowledge


Remember Sir Isaac Newton and the apple tree? You might like this fact. THE DOOR PANELS are composed of various historical fragments, including the wood of the apple tree of which the fruit fell on Sir Isaac Newton.

image4THE ARM RESTS are made of wood of Royal Yacht Britania, which had been a great companion of the royal family to travel the world.

UNDER THE SEAT, the builder attached a piece of stone of destiny, which have been an important element at kings and queens coronations.
image8Over all, the coach has been made of fragments of at least 16 historical places of around United Kingdom, including the palaces and monuments. It has also been noted to be constructed from at least 13 important churches’ and chapels’ in the UK. What an interesting couch, isn’t it?


Compiled and written by @wisznu at @EnglishTips4u on October 29, 2015


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