#EngVocab: Different kinds of love

Forgive me for asking such a personal question, but did somebody by any chance realise they were in love today?

Victor Hugo (the author of Les Misérables) once said,

To love another person is to see the face of God.

Perhaps he’d like to describe that loving somebody gives you a feeling of beyond happiness. It can make someone feel ecstatic. However, the kind of ‘love’ we are feeling can vary, mostly because it depends on what kind of relationship we have.

In this article, I would like to share some words that can describe various kinds of love. Let’s do it in alphabetical order.

  1. Admiration is a combination of liking and appreciating. This goes to somebody with certain skill or someone you look up to.
  2. Crushing on or having a crush on somebody is secretly liking or loving someone who is more worldly than oneself.
    • Worldly here can be more sophisticated, more experienced, or more talented. For example, liking the guitarist of the school’s band.
  3. Devotion means profound dedication. Therefore, the word is best used to describe someone’s love to God.
    • But, ‘devotion’ can also be used to describe a dedication to a cause or another human being, if somebody is that deeply attached.
  4. Fanatical love means loving to the extreme point where one is unable to receive criticism towards someone or something he loves.
    • This usually occurs on rabid fan of a public figure (musician, actress/actor, etc.) or even devotees of a religion.
  5. Filial love which is a child’s love towards his parents.
  6. Infatuation is perfect to define a condition where somebody having difficulty to eat, sleep, or act in normal way when he is in love.
    • A word describing chemical reaction in your body which makes you feel euphoria, happiness, excitement, nervousness, and other emotion, mixed all at once. If somebody around you is showing the signs, he’s probably ‘infatuated’.
  7. Like which means showing interests towards something or someone.
  8. Obsession means a state in which someone thinks about someone or something constantly.
  9. Passion means a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something, e.g., a certain liking or dedication towards your job.
  10. Platonic loveI means two people having a close relationship without any desire towards one another.
    • “This mostly happens in friendship I guess, Unconditional love is a kind of love given without any limitation, completely and absolutely, and expecting nothing in return. We are lucky to be loved unconditionally.” – Saif+ Anwar 
  11. Unrequited love is a love that is not reciprocated or returned by the other person
    • “‘I know there’s nothing worse/than unrequited love.’ – Love to Love You, The Corrs” – Anggie 

The last point is what we all face at some points in our lives. The kind of love that leaves us feeling lost or severely disappointed.

My wise words of the day, even though unrequited love is painful, don’t spend too much time dwelling on sadness. You can always try again.

Compiled written by @alicesaraswati for @EnglishTips4U on Monday, October 19, 2015

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