#EngGame: Guess the idiom!

Good evening, Fellas! How has your Saturday been? I hope you had an awesome one! Today we’ll have an  #EngGame called “Guess The Idiom.” So, I will share a picture of an idiom and the clue, then you have to guess what idiom is it. Today’s idiom theme is falling in love! In this post, I’d simply share the summary of the game. Enjoy! ;)

1.have the hots for you

Clue: to be strongly attached to someone.


Clue: temporary infatuation between young people.


  • “At the time I was sure I would marry him when I grew up, but of course, it was just puppy love.

lovey dovey

Clue: making an excessive display of affection.


  • “It sickens me to see the couple acting lovey-dovey all the time.”


double dates

Clue: a date which involves two couples.


  • “He asked me to go on a double date with his brother.”


Clue: to be very much in love with someone.


  • “It’s obvious that Robin and Barney head over heels in love with each other.”



Clue: a relationship that’s likely to be happy and successful.


  • “Lily and Marshall are really well suited. They are a match made in heaven.”

I think it is a wrap for today’s . Anyway, thank you for joining me in this session. I hope it has been useful for you guys! ;)


  1. Have the hots.
  2. Puppy love.
  3. Lovey-dovey.
  4. Double date.
  5. Head over heels.
  6. Match made in heaven.

Compiled and written by @AnienditaR for @EnglishTips4u on Saturday, September 26, 2015.



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