#EngTrivia: American Cuts of Beef

Guyysss, how are you? Did you get the free meat from a mosque close to your house?On behalf of EnglishTips4U, we extend the wish for happy Eid al Adha to those who are celebrating it. *yeaaay makan2.

So what food do you have for dinner? Is that a meat-based dish? I am sure some of you have barbeque. Send me some ‘virtual’ satay please. LOL. Anyway, in order to accompany you enjoy the dish. I’ll share some information on MEAT! Guess what, there are several methods of cutting beef in the world. Let see and you may decide which part of the beef you have for your dinner.

There are eight types of beef cut, namely American Cuts, Argentine Cuts, Brazilian Cuts, Dutch Cuts, French Cuts, Portuguese Cuts, Turkish Cuts, and UK Cuts. But today, we are gonna see the the American Cuts since it is more widely used in the world, including by Indonesian butchers.


American Cuts

American Cuts is divided into two, namely Forequarter Cuts and Hindquarter Cuts. Forequarter Cuts starts from the middle of the cow (the body) to somewhere around the neck whilst Hindquarter Cuts are from the middle to the end. The forequarter part makes up several cuts of beef. They are Chuck, Rib, Brisket, Plate, and Shank.

  • Several dishes made of Chuck are hamburgers, roasts, and steaks.
  • The most popular dish made of Rib is the rib eye steaks.
  • Brisket is primarily used for barbeque, corned beef, and pastrami.
  • Some people used Plate for roasts or pastrami.
  • Shank is used for stews and soups. Shank is in fact the toughest of the cuts.

Enough with the forequarter part; now we move on to the back part, the Hindquarter Cuts.

  • This cuts make up the Loin (Short Loin, Sirloin, Tenderloin), Round, and Flank. I am sure many of you know the foods made of Loin. Yaaas! They are steaks! Now you know which part of the cow used for your steaks.
  • Round and Flank are also primarily used for steaks. The Round is anyway a little bit tough yet less fat.
  • Flank is mostly used for grinding. Some people also used this for fajitas or affordable steaks considering this part is tougher than the Loin or Rib.

So, that’s it guys for today. You may now be able to define what cuts of beef you have for your dinner. Thanks again guys. See you next time.

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