#WOTD Halcyon

Howdy fellas! It has been a real hectic Friday for me. How about you, fellas? :D

So, since today has been really busy, I would love a HALCYON evening

Wait, what is HALCYON? It’s our #WOTD fellas!

Halcyon is both noun and adjective, and first used in 1601 according to Merriam-Webster dictionary. #WOTD

As a noun, halcyon is some kind of a bird that was popular during ancient period. #WOTD

But halcyon as an adjective means something else entirely. #WOTD

Halcyon means tenang, damai, bahagia. It mostly refers to a period of time. #WOTD

Here’s how you can use it in a sentence: #WOTD

  1. After the cold war, it was a halcyon period for both countries. #WOTD

“Setelah perang dingin, terdapat masa yang damai bagi kedua belah negara.” #WOTD

  1. It was a very halcyon night, that I was inspired to write a song. #WOTD

“Saat itu merupakan malam yang tenang, hingga aku ingin menulis sebuah lagu.” #WOTD

The synonyms of halcyon are: calm, peaceful, prosperous. #WOTD

So, let’s hope for a HALCYON evening now, shall we? :D See you sometime later fellas! #WOTD

compiled and written by @bintilvice at @EnglishTips4U on August 28th, 2015


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