#FixIt: Find the Errors

Evening, fellas! How’d your Monday go?

Mine started a little bit slow but it turned to be more productive in the afternoon. Perhaps it was something in my lunch

Today, I’m going to tweet several ‘wrong’ sentences. I’m inviting you to point out the mistake, and tweet the correct sentence.

For example, I tweeted, “I’m comeback!” Then you can correct it to ‘I’m back!’

Or, you can just tell me where I did wrong. Sounds easy, no? Shall we start then?

1. It’s three days to the final exams and our teacher told us to keep spirit.

2. Nobody expects rupiah would became this weak. We touched IDR 14,000 for 1 USD today.

3. Who’s perfume smells like tuberose? I quite like it.

4. The dateline of my proposal is drawing closer, and I’m panicking now.

5. We went silence once the professor entered the room.

6. I threw out after two pints of beer.

7. Lying down some shirts on the bed for my father to choose is what my mother does every morning to show she cares.

8. The vet can do nothing to save my cat. Not after that horrible accident. My cat is died.

9. A hindsight is enough to bring tears to his eyes. She was one of the most kind-hearted lady he’d ever met.

There you go! I’ll be back after 10 minutes to retweet the correct answers (which are many!!)

1. Keep spirit, should be keep our spirit.

 whose perfume

4. Dateline refers to a line in written or printed document which fives information of when the document was issued, while deadline refers to a time when something must be finished.

Dateline >> deadline

5. We went silent once the professor entered the room.

5. silent

6. Throw (threw) out = get rid of something. Throw (threw) up = vomit.

 ‘Threw up’

7. Lie down = to recline Lay down = to put something down.

laying down

8. You can either use ‘my cat died’ or ‘my cat is dead’.

 Died >> dead

9. One of the most kind-hearted ‘ladies’. The phrase ‘one of the…..’ refers to one thing out of many similar things so the noun should be in plural form. Lady should be written as ladies. 

I think that’s all for today, fellas! Thanks for joining today’s . Thanks for all the retweets, answers, and faves.

Remember, if you miss our daily session, you can also check it at . Have a good rest and see ya!

Compiled by @alicesaraswati for @EnglishTips4U on 24 August 2015

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