Hi fellas! How’s your Friday going? I hope it’s going great like mine!

Do you already have plans for the weekend? Are you excited for it?

To warm up your weekend, and maybe to give you few ideas on what to do, today we’re going to do #EngGame! Yay!

The rules are simple, I will state few words related to the activity and please guess what the activity is! #EngGame

Example: Bat, ball, gloves, cap. Ans: Baseball #EngGame

Are you ready? Here we go! #EngGame

  1. Needle, thread, colorful, wool. #EngGame
  1. Ball, goals, referee, shoes. #EngGame
  1. Book, glasses, cup of coffee, chair. #EngGame
  1. Camera, pictures, scenery, lighting. #EngGame
  1. Rod, string, water, fish. #EngGame
  1. Sweat, run, dumbbell, tired. #EngGame
  1. Movie, popcorn, seat, rows of people. #EngGame
  1. Water, sand, bathing suit, sunlight. #EngGame
  1. Mountain, walk, top, view. #EngGame
  1. TV, couch, snack, chill. #EngGame

I’ll give you 15 minutes to answer all the questions! #EngGame

Aaaaand, here are the answers! #EngGame

  1. Knitting 2. Playing soccer/football 3. Reading 4. Photography 5. Fishing #EngGame
  1. Work-out 7. Going to cinema 8. Going to the beach 9. Hiking 10. Watching TV #EngGame

Did you guess them all correctly? Was the game too easy? Was it fun? #EngGame

That’s all for today’s session, fellas! Remember to visit englishtips4u.com for other interesting stuffs about English.

Thanks for joining me in this session! Wish you a great weekend!

Compiled and written by @bintilvice at @EnglishTips4U on August 21st, 2015


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