#EngVocab: 7 words you most likely hear in Australia

G’day, Fellas! How are you doing? Do you know that Australian English is so distinctive?

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 8.28.53 PMSource: conspiracyofwords.com

Some other English native speakers even can spot Australian English easily. Here are some: ‘mate,’ ‘dope,’ chuck,’ ‘whoop-whoop,’ ‘ambo,’ ‘free-loader,’ and ‘sickie.’ Have you heard some of them?

  1. Mate (n) means sob or bro. Elderly even use ‘love,’ ‘tiger,’ ‘sunshine’ to address the youth.
    • Example:
      • “G’day, mate!”
  2. Dope (adj) means cool (keren). It can be used for any goodies even food!
    • Example:
      • “Thanks for the shoes, mate. These are dope!”
  3. Chuck (v) means to put in casually.
    • Example:
      • A: How do I heat the curry?

      • B: Just chuck it in the microwave.

  4. Whoop-whoop (n) means antah berantah.
    • Example:
      • “I can’t remember where she lives. It’s somewhere in the whoop-whoop.”
  5. Ambo (n) means ambulance.
    • Example:
      • He’s lost his consciousness (dia pingsan).

      • Call the ambo, quick! (Panggil ambulan, cepet!)

  6. Free-loader (n) means orang yg makan tapi nggak modal.
    • Example:
      • “Sorry I can’t get you nibbles (camilan). I am a free-loader tonight.”
  7. Sickie (n) means cuti sakit.
    • Example:
      • “I’ll have a sickie tomorrow. I’m gonna have some alcohol tonight with my close friends.”

That’s it from me, guys. Thank you so much for the retweets and favourites! Hope you like it. See ya!

Compiled and written by @wisznu at @EnglishTips4u on Thursday, Augustus 13, 2015.




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