#EngKnowledge: The 4th of July Traditions

Today we’ll be learning some top independence day traditions in the US!

The top of the list is independence day parade.

Cities across the US held parades of military units, horses, cheerleaders, and marching bands.

Also, there’ll be flags everywhere.

US military bases will also perform a ceremony called “salute to the union”.

In this ceremony, troops will fire one gun for every state in the US.

Troops = pasukan, fire gun = menembakkan senjata

Another tradition is backyard barbecue! 

(Since some of you are still fasting, so I guess the food pic has to wait)

Family and friends gather in the backyard of a house to enjoy burgers, steak, lemonade, and ice cream.

They usually sit around and talk on alumunium lawn chair like this.

The chair had became so popular that it appeared in Google Doodle independence day edition:

Amother tradition that cannot be missed: fireworks show!

Some cities actually held firework shows on the weekend before independence day.

Families at home also complement their parties with fireworks.

Check out what author John Green had prepared for his party:

Towns and cities also held unique festivals to celebrate independence day. Food fair, music festival … You name it!

Here’s the Pink Salmon Festival in the state of Alaska.  
What are the guys doing with the spears? Well, there’s something called “kayak jousting.”

Spears = tombak. 

They stand on a kayak (some kind of boat) to ‘battle’ an opponent. The winner is the one who manages to stay up.

Similar to what Indonesia has for independence day: “Perang Bantal”.

Another similarity to Indonesian independence day celebration: eating contests.

While Indonesia has cracker eating contest …

The US has hot dog eating contest!

Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest in New York is the most important of them all.

The tradition started as a way for two friends to settle a dispute (menyelesaikan perselisihan).

This contest had started in 1972, and is recently broadcasted (disiarkan) on sports channel ESPN. 
Source: inquistr, ar15.com, Youtube, thefrugalgirl.com, obscanheestra.nl, timvandevall.com

Compiled by @animenur for @EnglishTips4U on Sunday, 5 July 2015

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