#WOTD: “Drone”

Fellas. This thing. Once it gets approval from the US government, then it’ll be really, really cool. 

Approval = persetujuan 

It’s called Amazon Prime Air, and it’s a breakthrough service from Amazon, the online bookstore. 

Breakthrough = terobosan. 

The company is currently developing a way to deliver goods to their customers by utilising drones. 

Deliver goods = mengantar barang, utilising = menggunakan. 

Yes, our #WOTD is DRONE (pesawat tanpa awak)

Drone is getting really popular recently that Merriam-Webster online dictionary wrote a blog post about it. 

The blog post discussed the origin of the word ‘drone’. (Origin of = asal mula dari) 

The ‘official’ (resmi) definition of drone is ‘unmanned aerial vehicle’. (Unmanned = tanpa awak, aerial = bersifat udara) 

 If you check the dictionary, then the meanings of drone are “male bee” or “monotonous, sustained sound”. 

Monotonous = bersifat monoton, sustained = bertahan/berlangsung lama. 

Drones are first used in World War II as targets for the army to practice shooting. 

The targets were later nicknamed ‘drone’ because they are a bit similar to male bees. 

They leave the ‘hive’ (sarang) to perform tasks. Ans they sort of have a ‘driven’ (dikendalikan) existence. 

According to International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO), there are 2 types of drone:

Autonomous aircraft – which uses artificial intelligence to control itself. 

Remotely piloted aircraft – which is being controlled from afar by ‘pilot’.

Originally used for military purposes, there are uses of drones nowadays. 

It has been used for filmmaking, research and journalism (because it can reach far away places) …

As a weapon, for search and rescue effort (Tim SAR), cargo transport, crop spraying (pesawat penebar pupuk) …

Now in China they are being used to catch cheating students :D 

Do you have any idea what other functions can drones do? :D 

I think it’d be cool if one day we can use them as riderless ‘ojek’ :D

@malaannisa38: Watching over a husband what will happen along the day hehe ^_^ ”

@habibfahadA: spying us, killing machine (military). https://t.co/HJIXAhelHx

Source: Miriam-Webster, politico.com, Wikipedia, The Telegraph

Compiled by @animenur for @EnglishTips4U on Sunday, 7 June 2015.

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