#EngKnowledge: British Royal Family

Bet you’ve heard about this today: Prince William and Kate Middleton had welcomed their 2nd child, a baby girl! 

So this is the perfect moment to learn some facts about the British monarchy! 
1. Queen Elizabeth II has been serving her country for more than 60 years. 
2. The Queen is a “Queen Regnant”, which means she became queen not because of marriage. 
 She inherited the throne from her father. (Inherited = mewarisi, throne = takhta) 
2. Will Kate Middleton ever be a queen? Contrary to Queen Elizabeth II, she will be a “Queen Consort”. 
Queen Consort is when a princess becomes a queen by marriage. 
3. Based on her lineage, Kate Middleton turned out to be a distant relative of George Washington. 
4. Queen Elizabeth had declared the family surname to be “Mountbatten-Windsor”. Mountbatten is Prince Phillip’s surname. 
However, anyone with a “His/Her Royal Highness Title Prince/Princess” does not usually require a surname. 
5. When a #RoyalBaby is born, a town crier will announce it in front of the hospital wing. 
Hospital wing = bangsal rumah sakit. 
Two footmen will then place an official declaration outside Buckingham Palace. 
6. Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, wife of Prince Charles does not use the title “Princess”. 
The decision was made out of respect to the late Princess Diana. 
Out of respect = demi menghormati 
7. Every Tuesday, the Queen will hold a meeting with the current British Prime Minister. 
Another interesting tradition involving the Prime Minister is when they are elected. 
The winner of the election is being announced, then he/she is going to meet the Queen. 
Then he/she is going to publicly declare in front of the people: 
“Her Majesty the Queen has asked me to form a Government and I have accepted”
8. Using a postage stamp with the image of the Queen in the wrong way can be seen as a treason.
Postage stamp = perangko, treason = pengkhianatan terhadap negara. 

Those are my fave facts about British Royal family. Do you have any fave facts? 

@iamderi: @EnglishTips4U another fact about royal family was Prince Charless cheated with Camilla before Princess Diana got rumour.
Source: Telegraph UK, yourtango.com

Compiled by @animenur for @EnglishTips4U on Sunday, 3 May 2014.


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