#EngTips: Types of Soaps

I am going to share a random #EngTips tonight. Look at this picture, what do you think these words are about?

Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 00.32.37Are they something to do with our body? Is it for our skin? Are they all soaps?

@asterizka: take a bath?

@oneworldwill: body care?

Hmm… they are related to taking a bath and body care… anyone else?

@Derpamoto: sanitation

I think sanitation is more on the medical side.. but yes it is about cleanliness

@hazelsuxx: the body shop…

Hehe, yes I got that list from there, but we are not directly talking about The Body Shop brand here :)

@nthatia: shower? *and then sing, shower me with your love*

Haha yes it is something to do with taking a shower :)

I would say they’re all actually SOAP(S) (sabun) that you would use to take a bath/shower with,

but why do they have so many names?

Maybe some of you would think, it’s only four other names, but that’s a lot to choose from, isn’t it? What do you think?

@Aimeniar: Gk ada shower, gk ada bath, jd take a gayung dong haha” Sayangnya tetap “shower” namanya dalam B. Inggris

Many products nowadays are divided to variety of types. In the case above, they are types of soaps for our body.

We know there is the SOAP BAR, however soaps today have more types of textures so they have many “names”


So, what is a body wash? What is a shower gel? What is a shower cream? What is a body scrub? Can you guess?

A BODY WASH is known to have a similar texture with a washing liquid soap we use for kitchen utensils

Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 00.45.51

BODY WASH is more fluid, compared to SHOWER GEL, which has a thicker texture like the gel we know

GEL in SHOWER GEL is a shorten version of the word gelatin – it is a semisolid material like jelly

Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 00.46.08

While SHOWER CREAM has a creamy texture – it has more moisturiser and good for dry skin

Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 01.07.51

BODY SCRUB has an additional function, it removes dead skin cells and not used everyday


In Bahasa Indonesia,

SOAP BAR is known as sabun mandi batangan

BODY WASH, SHOWER GEL and SHOWER CREAM, would be known as sabun mandi cair

While BODY SCRUB is known as lulur.

If you see a sentence saying LULUR BODY SCRUB, it seems to be saying it two times, hehe

But then you wonder, sabun mandi cair is basically liquid soap, so what is liquid soap then? The answer is..

Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 01.27.31

when you search, it refers to the fluid soap for the hand, so LIQUID SOAP is sabun cuci tangan

Another way of saying LIQUID SOAP is HAND WASH SOAP

Although the #EngTips is on soap, maybe there are other products that you can think of that has so many “names”? What do you think?

@capungcentil: Bubble bath?” Bubble bath usually uses bath cream and salts, not body wash, shower gel or shower cream

@Erikazuna1Da: bath bomb ? :D” what’s that?

@asterizka: wht abt ‘cairan pencuci piring’?” What would be your guess? :)

@inaitsil: dishwashing liquid?” Yes :)

But what’s interesting is, both “cairan pencuci piring” and “deterjen cair” are called WASHING LIQUID

Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 14.06.13

@BangJamal21: and what do you think about facial wash and facial foam?”

Both FACIAL WASH and FACIAL FOAM are the same, “a beauty product which cleanses the skin of the face”

The difference could be on their texture. Some products are called FACIAL FOAM WASH Or FOAMING FACIAL WASH like this one, the texture is bubbly


While if it’s just FACE WASH or FACIAL WASH SOAP, the texture is usually like the BODY WASH soap

So, do you get confused with these different “names”, fellas? Cause I am still confused, hehe

It’s interesting how we could call all of this “sabun” followed by its function in Bahasa Indonesia, but in English, the word “sabun” or soap is almost gone

what do you think?

Well I guess that’s it for now fellas :) I hope today’s #EngTips has been useful :D

@DameSalmaAinun: never been good before:) how my english?” I think it should be “never been this good” :) but good attempt there :D


Compiled and written by @daedonghae at @EnglishTips4u on January 24, 2015











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