#EngVocab: Places in Town

For your Saturday bitesize, and inspired by the city walk I am going to do with my class, here are some #EngVocab on places in town :)

  1. Old town / Old city = Kota tua
  2. Square = alun-alun, lapangan
  3. Monument = monumen atau tugu peringatan
  4. Parliament building = Gedung parlemen (see NOTE below)
  5. Palace = Istana – This includes the president’s palaces as well
  6. Port = Pelabuhan – It can also be harbour
  7. Market = Pasar – this includes traditional market = pasar tradisional
  8. National Art Gallery = Galeri Seni Nasional – it’s interesting how most capital cities in the world has this
  9. Museum = museum – it’s interesting how Bahasa Indonesia doesn’t translate the word “museum”
  10. Town Hall = Balai kota
  11. Library = Perpustakaan, including local library = perpustakaan daerah (as suggested by @Nurzkyhs)


NOTE for no. 4:

Question: do fellas think Gedung DPR, MPR, DPRD are also parliament buildings?

@nurulnisautami: yes, I think so”

@sherly_ariesta: No ”

“@Ulllyyyy: Yup ”

Why “yes” @nurulnisautami? And why “no” @sherly_ariesta?

@ahmad_royhan: why do we care?”

@nurulnisautami: may be because DPR and MPR are national parliament institution”

@sherly_ariesta: I think its house of commons”

House of commons is part of the parliament, isn’t it?

House of Commons is “the elective, lower house of the Parliament of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Canada, and various other countries in the Commonwealth of Nations.” @sherly_ariesta


So “do fellas think Gedung DPR, MPR, DPRD are also parliament buildings?”

As answered by @Ulllyyyy @nurulnisautami, they are


So that’s it for today fellas :) I hope you had good fun with the #EngVocab :D


Compiled and written by @daedonghae at @EnglishTips4u on March 14, 2015




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