#GrammarTrivia: “Thus”

Today we will be talking about “THUS”. ‘Thus’ is obviously not ‘this’, and you may find it in formal texts/conversation. 

‘Thus’ is a conjunction used to expand a previously mentioned idea. 

Expand = memperluas, previously mentioned = sudah disebut sebelumnya. 

There are 2 ways to use ‘thus’: 

1. As a result/consequence of the idea. It has the same meaning and function as ‘therefore’ (‘oleh karena itu’). 

Example: “Harvard beats MIT in the women’s soccer competition, thus becoming champion of the year.” 

Example: “She took part in a special program for young scientist, thus she was able to excel in the academic field.” 

Excel = berprestasi, berhasil. 

2. To explain a manner which a subject is like. Similar to ‘in this way’ or ‘so’, or ‘demikian’ and ‘lantas’ in Indonesian. 

Example: “John released the dogs to corner the thief. While he was thus occupied, the police entered and arrested him.” 

To corner = menyudutkan, occupied = sibuk, perhatiannya terpusat pada sesuatu. 

Example: “Most adolescents act thus.” (Adolescents = remaja) 

Check out this video to learn how to pronounce it: http://t.co/o78H3nly6E 

Source: merriam-webster.com

Compiled by @animenur for @EnglishTips4U on Sunday, 12 April 2015.

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