#IOTW: Color

1. Black out. Meaning: Faint.


  • I always black out at the sight of snake.

2. Golden opportunity. Meaning: Great chance.


  • You can’t miss this golden opportunity, John!

3. The green light. Meaning: Permission.


  • Are you sure she can get the green light from her Mom?

4. Have the blues. Meaning: Depressed.


  • I always have the blues leaving this city.

5. See red. Meaning: Be very angry.


  • I ran out of idea. He saw red every time I asked him about Joanna.

6. Black and blue. Meaning: Bruised and beaten.


  • We got that man black and blue after the accident.

7. Green with envy. Meaning: Jealous.


  • My brother is green with envy over my new jacket.


Compiled by @aditriasmara at @EnglishTips4U on Monday, April 6, 2015





5 thoughts on “#IOTW: Color”

  1. Hi… this is a very good blog that you shared. thank you for sharing.
    Can you add the meaning of the idioms above ? because some idioms i don’t recognize before.

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