#EngTrivia: Contraption vs Contraception

Hello hello, fellas! 

One husband came home after a tiring day at work. He found a thank you card from his wife on their dining table.

In the card, the wife wrote:

“Thanks babe for buying this wonderful contraption for our anniversary.”

He then called his wife out and asked: “I didn’t buy you contraception. Who gave you that?”

His wife then explained that she wrote ‘contraption’, not ‘contraception’. He has misread the card. :D

You see, fellas, there’s a huuuuuge difference between ‘contraption’ and ‘contraception’. 

Contraption (baca: kontrepsyen) is a noun which means a mechanical device or a gadget.

Example of contraption: TV, phone, computer, PlayStation, WII, washing machine, hair dryer, etc. #EngTrivia

Contraception (baca: kontrasepsyen) is drugs, devices or medical procedures which attempts to control ovulation and pregnancy.

There goes a short session for the day, fellas! Now you see why the husband was surprised by the misunderstanding. :D

Stay tuned to our daily sessions for more interesting discussions. G’nite!

Compiled and written by @Miss_Qiak at @EnglishTips4U on March 4, 2015


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