#IOTW: Shopping

Heyya, fellas! Who likes to go shopping? I’m sure quite a lot of fellas love to go shopping. I do too. :D

Today, we’ll talk about some idioms related to shopping. Let’s start!!

1. To shop around.
Meaning: to visit several shops and compare the prices.
Example: Let’s shop around while we have time. We might find a better price.

2. To shop till you drop.
Meaning: to go shopping for a very long time, until you are exhausted.
Example: The new mall is so huge you can shop till you drop.

3. A rip-off.
Meaning: an extremely expensive price.
Example: I can’t believe you pay so much for dinner last night. The food wasn’t that good. What a rip-off!

4. A shopping therapy.
Meaning: an idea that buying things can make you feel better.
Example: Don’t be so sad. How about a little shopping therapy to cheer you up? 

5. To throw something in.
Meaning: to add another product for free.
Example: If you buy one of these sets now, I’ll throw in some free samples.

6. To go window shopping.
Meaning: to look at things in shop windows, without buying anything.
Example: You can find a lot of people go window shopping at malls around the end of every month.

7. To slash prices.
Meaning: to greatly reduce prices.
Example: Do you still want the red dress we saw the other day? They’re slashing prices by 75%.

8. To go bargain hunting.
Meaning: to go around to different stores looking for the best price or deals.
Example: The best place to go bargain hunting is the fashion outlets in Bandung.

There goes 8 #IOTW for today, fellas! I hope you find them useful. See you again tomorrow with more interesting discussions!

Compiled and written by @Miss_Qiak at @EnglishTips4U on March 3rd, 2015


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