#GrammarTrivia: Awhile vs. A While

Let’s talk about words that have been confusing us with its similarity to other words, like Affect vs. Effect, Lay vs. Lie.

This time, let’s clear things up between Awhile vs. A While.

Yeah, those two have different meaning and usage. And yes, Awhile is a legit word, not a typo.

Awhile is an adverd with the meaning “for a short time.” ‘Sebentar/dalam waktu singkat.’

As for A While, it is a noun with the meaning “a length of time”. ‘Dalam kurun waktu tertentu’.

Awhile: Sebentar // A While: Agak lama. This is the most basic difference.

Let’s see the examples:

1. The dog waited awhile for the meal to be prepared.


2. The cat has been sleeping for a while when the owner shows up.


Another trick: As seen is Example No. 2, A While is used after a preposition (In, After, For).

Example: We got bored after a while.


Example: She will be there in a while.


A While is also used in the expression “It’s been a while …” (“Udah lama ya nggak …”).

Example: “It’s been a while since last time we met a cute dog like this.”


All images by @animenur

Compiled by @animenurp for @EnglishTips4U on Sunday, 25 January 2015

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