#EngVocab: Movement

Today admin wants to share some #EngVocabs related to movement. Are you ready?

1. Tug: to pull something quickly and usually with a lot of force.

  •  e.g. Tom tugged  at  his mother’s arm.
2. Roll: to move somewhere by turning over and over or from side to side.

  • e.g. I rolled the wheel along the side of the road back to the car.
3. Stroke: to move a hand, another part of the body or an object gently over something or someone.

  • e.g. Stroke the dog gently.
4. Slap: to hit someone with the flat part of the hand or other flat object.

  • e.g. She slapped him across the face.
5. Clip: to hit something or someone with a short sharp movement.

  • e.g.He clipped the edge of the kerb with his front tyre.
6. Squeeze: to press or hold something firmly.

  • e.g. Once he had finished cleaning the floor, he squeezed the cloth out.
7. Twist: to turn something, especially repeatedly, or to turn or wrap one thing around another.

  • My Mother used to TWIST her hair up into a bun.
8. Spin: to turn around and around, especially fast.

  • e.g. The roulette players silently watched the wheel spin around.
9. Shake: to move backwards and forwards or up and down in quick, short movements.

  • e.g. She shook her hair loose from its ribbon.


Compiled and written by @iisumarni at @EnglishTips4U  on September 19, 2013


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