#EngVocab: Street types

Ever wonder what’s the difference between “street,” “avenue,” and “boulevard”? Most of them are translated to “jalan” in Indonesian. In English, they are all different, though they might be similar.

Let’s start with “road” and “street.” Both means “jalan” in the most general sense, but are they any different?

“Street” and “road” are synonymous. However, “street” also used to facilitate public interaction. There are streets which are used exclusively for pedestrians or city centres.

Meanwhile, “road” is exclusively used by cars/motors. It may also connect cities, while Streets are in the city.

Now let’s see what the others are!

Avenue. Meaning: long, straight route with trees/shrubs running along the side.


With that definition, then Jalan Sudirman is supposedly an avenue. So, Sudirman Avenue instead of Sudirman Street.

Alley. This one is quite obvious “gang” in Indonesian.


Then what’s the difference with “lane”? Lane is similar to “gang,” but cars can still go through it.


Lane also means “jalur.” It has different types, such as ‘express lane’ (“jalur cepat”).


Boulevard. Meaning: large road running through the city. Yes, Sudirman-Thamrin can also be considered a boulevard.


Highway. Meaning: “Jalan tol”. In British English is known as “motorway.”


Bypass. Meaning: some kind of highway that avoids area filled with  population or city/village. Semacam tol lingkar luar.


Intersection. Meaning: “persimpangan jalan.”


Intersection with four-way (“perempatan”) is also known as ‘crossroads’.

Intersection with three-way (“pertigaan”) is ‘T-junction’/’Y-junction’. Y-junction is also known as ‘fork’.


Cul-de-sac. Taken from the French word that means “jalan buntu”. Also known as dead-end.


Driveway/Drive. Meaning: smaller street with access to 1-2 properties. Seperti jalan di perumahan.


Now who lives in 4 Privet Drive, Little Whinging, Surrey, UK?


Compiled and written by @animenur for @EnglishTips4U on Sunday, 11 January 2015.



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