#WOTD: Missive

Hello hey hi, Fellas! Let’s talk about a word today! Have you ever heard of “missive,” Fellas?

“Missive” means a written message; a letter. It usually a long letter, especially an official one. “Missive” refers to a handwritten communication on paper (a letter), but nowadays this word can also refer to an e-mail. Some say “missive” comes from Latin, “mittere” (send). Some also say it is from Middle French, “lettre missive.” 

Here is an example of a sentence, which contains “missive.”

  • “I have just received a missive from the company manager.”

That’s all I can share for today, fellas. Hope it could be useful for you :)


Compiled and written by @waitatiri at @EnglishTips4U on Saturday, December 30, 2014.



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