#WOTD: Is Boughten a Word?

Hello, fellas!

I have read (and heard) some people using the word ‘boughten’. Have you ever heard/read it being used too, fellas?

As we all might have known, the past participle of ‘buy’ is bought. Then what about boughten? #WOTD
The word boughten is not standard english.

It was sometimes used in the past, but today it’s only used in certain dialects, i.e. Northern and North Midland.

It is also sometimes used poetically.

Other than that, using the word ‘boughten’ as a past participle form of the verb ‘buy’ is wrong.

The word boughten (that I read/heard) is mostly used as an adjective to describe something people get at the store (store-boughten).

However, it’s better to use ‘store-bought’ instead of ‘store-boughten’. :)

So fellas, the correct word is ‘bought’, not ‘boughten’. Remember to use the right past participle form! :D

That’s all I can share for today, fellas. I hope it could clear the confusion and I hope it could be useful for you!

Compiled and written by @waitatiri at @EnglishTips4U on January 6, 2015

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