#EngVocab: Bite-size vs Pocket-size

Here is a question, do fellas know the meaning of these words: Bite-size or Pocket-size?

These two words are usually used in learning. literary and education context

For example, BBC GCSE Bitesize revision or Pocketsize English Dictionary

But are they different? Let’s go through it in this #EngVocab session of Bite-size vs Pocket-size session

  1. Bite-size = an adjective – meaning it is a characteristic word

Bite-size definitions are:

– small enough to fit in the mouth or be consumed in one or two bites

– very small, or

– quickly or easily comprehended, resolved, etc.

In terms of learning/education, the third definition fits best – Bite-size = quickly or easily comprehended

It also metaphorically fit the first definition – Bite-size = small enough to fit in the mouth or be consumed in one/two bites.

So. BBC GCSE Bitesize revision would mean smaller size GCSE studies’ information that can be comprehended quicker by the pupils

Bite-sized is also another way of saying bite-size or bitesize

  1. Pocket-size is literally used to define something: of a size convenient for carrying in the pocket

So a Pocket-size English Dictionary would literally mean the size of the dictionary can fit in your pocket

Yet, in reality most of the time it needs a really big pocket to fit it in though. So pocket size is more of a size that is easily carried around for people. Such as to be placed in a small bag or a jacket big pocket, or just carried by hand.

Of course, besides in learning or education, bite-size and pocket-size are also used in different contexts

Such as for eating – bitesize cheese items people bring – pocket (size) knife, pocket (size) mirror

So there you go :) I hope this session has been useful in knowing the difference between Bite-size and Pocket-size :)

Compiled and written by @daedonghae at @EnglishTips4u on December 5, 2014






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