#EngVocab: what’s the Indonesian for…?

Hari ini admin mau berbagi vocabulary Bahasa Inggris dan admin perlu bantuan fellas untuk menyebutkan terjemahannya dalam Bahasa Indonesia. Tema vocabulary agak random dan bagi yang sudah punya , yuk dibuka bukunya, karena sesi ini ada di bagian  “What’s the English for…?”

So, let’s start…


  1. Pins and needles: ________
    • “Ow, my leg hurts. I’ve got pins and needles.”
  2. Nosy: _______
    • “My neighbor is so nosy!”
  3. Blue: _______
    • “Don’t bother asking her out. She’s been feeling blue lately.”
  4. Exaggerating: _______
    • “I think you’re exaggerating the real story a little bit.”
  5. Nature calls: ________
    • “I need to go to the toilet. Nature calls!”
  6. Pick nose: ________
    • “Stop picking your nose in public!”
  7. Hiccup: ________
    • “Oh, no, I’ve got the hiccups! I can’t stop!”
  8. Tacky: ________
    • “Where is he from? His clothes are so tacky.”
  9. Scabies: ________
    • “The dog got scabies all over its body.”
  10. Burp: ________
    • “It’s not polite to burp after you finish your meal.”


  1. Kesemutan
  2. Kepo
  3. Galau
  4. Lebay
  5. Kebelet
  6. Mengupil
  7. Cegukan
  8. Norak
  9. Kurap
  10. Sendawa

Source: Things Your English Books Don’t Tell You by @EnglishTips4U

Compiled and written by @NenoNeno at @EnglishTips4U on Thursday, August 7, 2014.



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