#EngTrivia: Is there such thing as Internet Dialect? Feat. @PBSIdeaChannel

Here’s a question for our #EngTrivia session today,

Do you believe there is an internet dialect?

Today’s session is based on “Are There Internet Dialects?” By @PBSIdeaChannel presented by @mikerugnetta

According to them, accents can’t exist on the internet as it is written (non verbal even though you are literally saying it (verbally) inside your head

So, in internet’s case, how we talk is a dialect which includes how we use the language, where English is the Lingua Franca – the common language for all natives – Smiley, hashtags, abbreviations, acronyms, “semi unconscious the use of selfie” are part of it

General English in the internet would be an e-mail from your colleague about certain events

Such animated GIFs (animated pictures) and Tumblr are powerfully expressive

Yet the use of (English) language in Tumblr could be lowercase and no punctuation

e.g., “tbh I literally say ‘literally and tbh’ literally all the time tbh”

“tbh” in itself can be talked thoroughly why and how it is used so this comes to how words and its usage

Mike said, it might be the “community value” that causes it like that

i.e., Tumblr seems more vulnerable, there is sensitivity

So…. does that mean it is not an internet dialect? It is just feelings revealed? How do we actually know it is a dialect?

Community is people who do things together – doing it in a cultural and social context

There are practices which are social practices with untold rules of thumbs existing

e.g., well tuned sensitivity, shared world views; might be coming from the way a community is educated, its interest, professions

Penelope Eckhert stated that speakers develop their linguistic view in the community they participate in – forms of participation and community practice are mutually constructed

So the way you communicate seems to influence and be influenced by the surroundings, in this case the internet itself

Facebookish, Twitterish, Tumblrish could just be the few internet dialects

as we would or could use different ways of speaking in certain social media or platforms that we use or we are in

So, as @mikerugnetta would say it, “what do you guys think?” It seems that this is an interesting phenomenon..

Internet language has existed for a while now and there are different kinds, even might be in development

So internet could be a hometown where you get your English dialect, as it is a (global) region, a community, it has people in it

And of course to most, it will be considered informal to the formal usage of English as it is a dialect from a region

That’s it for today’s #EngTrivia, I hope you have enjoyed it :)

For more about it, click – http://youtu.be/SDPasRas5u0  “Are There Internet Dialects?” By @PBSIdeaChannel presented by @mikerugnetta


Compiled and written by @daedonghae at @EnglishTips4u on October 4, 2014


Source: http://youtu.be/SDPasRas5u0  “Are There Internet Dialects?” By @PBSIdeaChannel presented by @mikerugnetta

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