#IOTW: A Few Singlish Idioms

Happy Saturday Fellas!

Hope you have been having a great day so far :)

For our fun session this evening, I will be sharing some Idioms from the Singapore English known as Singlish

These are the most common ones as shared by the same people that I had Singlish discussions previously

So here they are:

  1. “Catch no ball”

meaning you lost it, or you lost the meaning of what have been said

  1. “Fly my kite”

meaning abandoned, ignored, or you are tricking me

  1. “Blur like sotong”

e.g. “You are blur like sotong”

meaning you are always confused, don’t know anything

Note: sotong means squid

  1. “Mix like rojak”

e.g “Singapore is a rojak society”

meaning very mixed

Rojak is known as Rujak in Indonesian, it is a fruit/vegetable salad dish with sweet & sour dressing.

Rojak becomes a word that is commonly used in Singlish to state something very mixed.


So that’s it for today :) I hope it has been useful :D


Source: Again, thank you to @della_angelina, Zhen Min and Mithun for the Singlish discussion :)


Compiled and written by @daedonghae at @EnglishTips4u on September 20, 2014



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