#EngPic: 20 Things About Autumn?

Hiya fellas :) Hope you have a great day so far :D

Autumn approaches in the northern side of the earth. Do you know what autumn is? :)

I found this #EngPic once and it does reflect Autumn quite well


See if you recognise any of the vocabularies….

Do you know what they mean?


Autumn is “@melvamelpuss: season after summer and before winter a.k.a fall season”


Try answer these next questions to test your knowledge on these vocabs!



Q1. No. 18 says “crunchy leaves”, does that mean you can eat it?

Q2. No. 2 says “no sweat, no frost bite” does that mean you will not be sweating or get frozen?

Q3. No. 4 is about the “brisk breeze”, is that about the wind?

Q4. No. 3 says “colourful leaves”, does it mean they are not green?

Q5. “Bon fires”, what are they?

Those are the questions, go answer them fellas :)






So fellas, ready for the answers? :)

So here they are!



A1. “@miekenafff: noooo haha”

Crunchy leaves are not to eat, even though it is stated crunchy. Artinya juga bisa “@Djachsan: Daun kering…”

A2. “No sweat, no frost bite” could mean “@betharihani: It’s warm”

A3. “@rizky_paramitha: umm yeah”. Brisk breeze is talking about the wind, i.e. in Indonesian “angin sepoi”

A4. Colourful leaves mean “@betharihani: Most of them turn red, orange and yellow”

A5. A bon fire in Bahasa Indonesia is “@Djachsan: Api Unggun“


@Yusuke3192: a fire when we’re do camping”


That’s it for the answers! Thank you for the contributions! :) I hope you had fun!


@mutheafajriah: I’m learning so much from there. It’s nowhere near just an ordinary information in there. Really, thanks :D


Compiled and written by @daedonghae at @EnglishTips4u on September 13, 2014


Picture source: Found in Facebook/Tumblr



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