#WOTD: “Backbone”

Today we’ll be talking about that English word with different unique meanings: “Backbone”

First and foremost, of course, it literally means the spine (tulang punggung).

In the Indonesian language, we are familiar with the term “tulang punggung keluarga”. Someone who provides for the family.
In English, backbone also has a meaning that is related to the main support system to an institution/organisation/group.
In computing and telecommunications, it means “a high-speed, high-capacity digital connection which forms the axis of a network.”
Axis = poros
Backbone also means a person who supports you through thick and thin. Like a best friend or mentor.
(So yeah, the band Andra and The Backbones certainly aren’t talking about his actual spine) (More like “Andra and Friends”)
Backbone also means “courage” or “strong character”.
“Having no backbone” has the same meaning as “Having no guts”.
“Grow a backbone” is also a idiom that means “You need to stop being cowardly/You need to stand up for yourself”.

The spine of a book (where the title and author’s name are) can also be called the backbone.

(Yes, the floating bookshelf belongs to the admin LOL)
Interesting how the word is being used in different science and tech field, other than computing/telco.
In physical geography, it means “the main/central mountain range in one region”.
Is there any other body parts you know that have developed into different meanings?
@anitamaduratna: hand? as in ‘the hand of the king’. it means like a trusted person
@aditapuasandy: in telco has the same meaning with backhaul
: “The heart of Jakarta.” in this sentence means the central of Jakarta, the central of a place or region, correct?
Compiled by @animenur for @EnglishTips4U on Sunday, 9 November 2014.

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