#EngKnowledge: Doggy Bag

Hi fellas! Hope you have a great Sunday!

Today’s session will be about :D We’ll be talking about the culinary term “doggy bag”!

“Doggy bag” is when a restaurant patron had leftovers from his meal, and he decides to pack and take it home.

Restaurant patron = pengunjung resto // leftovers = makanan sisa

What’s with the name though? It’s considered more polite to talk as if the food will be given to the pet at home.

It’s feared that the cook will be offended if the meal is not completely finished.

(Though I personally think it’s easier to just say you want to have it at home).

Another theory said it is rooted from the East Anglian term “docky”, which means ‘lunch’.

In some European countries, asking for a doggy bag will be frowned upon.

This is definitely not the doggy bag we talked about:

Source: Wikipedia

Compiled by @animenur for @EnglishTips4U on Sunday, October 19, 2014


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