#EngPic: Mistakes on School Textbook

I am thinking of doing another #EngQuiz today. Hands up if you are in!

All right, let’s begin. I posted a picture that has been circulating heavily on various social media platforms lately.

Look carefully. Rumor has it that this was taken from an elementary school textbook.


Yes, as you can see, the text is filled with fatal mistakes. Which is sad since this is supposedly a textbook.

So, for our #EngQuiz session today: I’d like to challenge you to rewrite the small text into a grammatically correct one!

If 140 characters are not enough, you can write it in your smartphone and screenshoot it!

The winner will receive cool gifts from us and @redaksipanda :D The first correct answer will win!

Let the game begins! :D I am waiting for your answer, fellas!

@mgibrann11: Today Andi was absent from school. He got a toothache. He went to hospital with his mother. After he was examined He was being given a prescription by the doctor, and then he went to the pharmacy to take his medicine. He took the medicine three times a day.

We have a winner!! Congratulations, @mgibrann11 :D The first with the correct, complete answer!

There are just too many problems with the text in the picture.

@Attinfy: min aq bingung. ini masa lampau apa skrg. itu kan nyeritain andi bolos sekolah. hari ini.. jd itu td pagi apa sekarang ? hehe

As @Attinfy pointed out, there is no clear time frame in the text. The sentences do not even have To-Bes.

Even worse, ‘sick dent’ is not even a word (and I wonder where the author got that from).

We are not saying that all school textbooks make this mistake. There are good textbooks and they deserve praise.

But whenever such thing happens, we need to speak up because our education is at stake here.

At stake = dipertaruhkan.

Compiled by @animenur for @EnglishTips4U on Sunday, 12 October 2014.

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