#EngKnowledge: Sweden’s and Netherlands’ English Fluency

So, does anyone know which countries that speak English well despite it is their second language?

@arifdarmawan88: India?” Yes, anywhere else?

@LilMissSlipshot: Malaysia? Well some Malaysians. Ps, your account is awesome!” Yes, Malaysia is one of them. And thanks :)

@fitigy: Netherlands, right? I read that almost 90% of their population can speak English.” Yep

@M_AryoUmbara: singapore. Philippine”

@arifdarmawan88: Nigeria ^_^”

@ajengRDewi: Spain”

@ajengRDewi: France”

@zuojia8: Phillipines: english is their second language, their text book used english and tagalog.”

@baguspratamasn: South Africa”

@ratnashf: Germany”

@ChieWon407: malaysia~ ah wonder if English also as second language in Indonesia~” hmm a survey did say we are

Well, interestingly if we look up the internet the English Proficiency Index is done by English First (EF), sadly the Philippines and Nigeria are not there. Yet it doesn’t mean their proficiency is really low :)

See here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EF_English_Proficiency_Index#2013_Rankings … and here https://ph.news.yahoo.com/blogs/the-inbox/english-proficiency-ph-still-good-20110411-232650-442.html …

The past years admin has experienced staying in Sweden and the Netherlands

Both countries struck me with their great English Proficiency almost to wherever we go, especially in speaking

Can you guess why are they good at it, fellas?

Admin terkagum2 bahwa Swedia dan Belanda memiliki keahlian berbahasa Inggris yang tinggi, terutama dalam berbicara @Ersrdnto

Padahal bahasa Inggris bukan bahawa utamanya @Ersrdnto

Ada yang bisa menebak mengapa negara-negera seperti Swedia, Belanda bisa memiliki keahlian bahasa Inggris yang cukup tinggi?

@Khafila: karena pernah dijajah oleh Inggris” I don’t think so…

@Ersrdnto: europe made english as 2nd language.” could be a factor :)

@SescoSaragih: their languages belong to anglo-norman (in which most english words derive)” hmm interesting point :)

@Yusuke3192: they’re proud to their own language (?)” if so, why would they learn English well?

One of the factors I found is that they learn English in school from early age

Interestingly, apparently, like in the Netherlands, they have to master their own language and English in the same time, even to the same level in that same time

In an article about Sweden’s English Proficiency, what helps them learn is also that English is “Germanic-based”

Some of you have mentioned some things too, I will share them :)

@widyatamala: they obviously realized that English is such a global language, which is why they keep learning and practicing it”

@Roollz: Maybe because their language grammar structures similar with english…”

@morends: maybe they dont have ‘bahasa daerah’ so, they speak english. Make sense?” Hmm they have dialects though

@nythaata: because their languages are the same type with English. Germanic.” I missed yours!

@ramadhanughi: i’m not sure for Spain and France. Coz ppl in there love their native language. I think Sweden has more active english users”

I think education plays a part for the Swedes/Dutch English Proficiency

But what’s interesting, such as in Sweden, there are no specific English newspapers published by Sweden itself

And in the Netherlands, only in Amsterdam you can find transportation warnings in English. In Stockholm, Sweden there are none.

Even though Sweden and Netherlands are good in English speaking wise, they don’t forget their culture and language.

So being able to speak English well as a second language does not mean that you have left your own.

And even though you haven’t spoken English well, does not mean you can’t learn to be better either :)

I hope what I shared is a new and useful #EngKnowledge for you today :)

@fangurl___: I am surprised to know that South Korea has more English Proficiency points than us…” yep, apparently

@umisadiq: the problem with Indonesians is that they r not confident enough to practice english they’ve learned from school/eng course

@ramadhanughi: some countries are proud speaking in their mother tongue than english. E.g. Japan, Italy, France

@Wesli_S: I think before English become a global language, Esperanto become global language first.. (cmiiw)” What’s Esperanto?

@Wesli_S: Esperanto is not Spanish language.It created by a community. It similar with Spanish,but it’s not(if I’m nt wrg)”

@Putrindhw: esperanto is a language introduced in 1887 by Dr. L.L. Zamenhof (further info http://esperanto-usa.org/node/3 )

Compiled and written by @daedonghae at @EnglishTips4u on August 9, 2014







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