#EngVocab: Summer Time Common Vocabularies

Happy Tuesday fellas :) To those celebrating, hope your Eid Mubarak or Idul Fitri celebration went well

Right now some parts of the world are enjoying summer (Ind: musim panas)…

Ever wonder what kind of #EngVocab are commonly used or related to it?

Here are some words that are related to it :) (Some will be more than one #EngVocab)

  1. Beach (Ind: pantai) – it’s a number one destination for those who want to enjoy summer
  2. Sandals (Ind: sandal/sepatu sandal) – you can’t really wear it on a winter time, so when summer comes everyone is wearing it
  3. Good Weather (Ind: cuaca yang bagus) – a phrase you would use when a lot of sunshine is around you
  4. Scorching (Ind: terik) – extremely hot weather occasionally happens
  5. Boiling Hot (Ind: mendidih panas) – describes a very hot day
  6. Warm (Ind: hangat) – when it is a bit cold, a little sunshine would make it warm
  7. Sightseeing (Ind: tamasya) – when the summer has good weather, sightseeing would takes place most of the time
  8. Clear Up (Ind: semakin terang) – usually used when the clouds were breaking up and more sunshine comes in, it becomes brighter!

That’s it for today’s #EngVocab fellas :) Have a great Tuesday

Compiled and written by @daedonghae at @EnglishTips4u on July 29, 2014





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