#EngVocab: Phrasal Verb “Pass”

Hiyya, fellas! It seems we haven’t discussed phrasal verbs in a long time. Let’s talk about phrasal verbs with the word “Pass”.

To refresh your memory, “phrasal verb” is a combination of verb & preposition which gives a new meaning. Read more here:  #EngTrivia: Sentence, clause, phrase, phrasal verb, idiom, proverb, quote & slang

Sebagai kata kerja (verb), “pass” bisa berarti:
(a) lulus,
contoh: I passed the test.
Aku lulus ujian.
(b) melewati,
contoh: She passes my house on her way to school every morning.
Dia lewat depan rumahku saat ke sekolah setiap pagi.
(c) mengoper, memindahkan,
contoh: Can you pass the salt, please?
Bisa tolong oper (botol) garam itu?

Ayo kita lihat perubahan artinya saat k.kerja “pass” diikuti dengan beberapa “kata keterangan (preposition)” berikut ini: …

1. Pass + away : to pass out of existence, to die, meninggal.
Contoh: Gran passed away a few years ago of old age.
*…meninggal beberapa tahun lalu…*

2. Pass + for : to be accepted as, to believed to be, dikira, dipercaya.
Contoh: You could easily pass for a teenager without makeup.
*…dikira seorang ABG…*

3. Pass + off :
(a) to offer/sell an imitation as genuin, menjual benda palsu sebagai benda asli.
Contoh: He was caught for passing off glass as a gemstone.
*…jual kaca seolah itu batu permata…*
(b) to present someone as other than what he/she is, berpura-pura.
Contoh: He tried to pass himself off as a banker.
* …pura-pura menjadi seorang bankir. *

4. Pass + out : to lose consciousness, pingsan.
Contoh: She passed out on the first day of fasting.
*…pingsan di hari pertama puasa.* 

5. Pass + over: to leave out; disregard, mengabaikan.
Contoh: Let’s pass over what he said and go home.
*…abaikan kata-katanya dan pulang saja.*

6. Pass + up: to let go by; reject, membiarkan lepas, menolak.
Contoh: My boss just offered an opportunity too good to pass up.
*…kesempatan yg terlalu bagus untuk dilepaskan.*

And that’s a wrap for today, fellas! For more phrasal verbs, head to: Collection of Phrasal Verb

Compiled and written by @Miss_Qiak at @EnglishTips4U on July 17, 2014

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